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Phuelling Innovation with Infosys Consulting



With our partner Infosys Consulting, we work collaboratively to bring the principles of Design Thinking and Agile together to take you from inspiration to implementation.

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Phuelling Innovation is a multi-modal approach to building innovation and Design Thinking capabilities in an organisation’s people. Structured to solve problems deemed ‘unsolvable’, we facilitate, coach and work with cohorts over 6-12 weeks to arrive at investable design prototypes created by the participants.

With Infosys Consulting's world-renowned reputation for Design Thinking and Phuel's deep facilitation expertise we have created a potent combination that enables culture change and gets things done!



Program highlights include:

  • Minimum of six face-to-face workshops with ongoing coaching, fieldwork and additional consulting as required.
  • Program does not exist in isolation from company, with an appointed sponsor lead, engaged stakeholder and key problems used as basis of program.
  • Modular, tested, and customisable to focus on personal development, problem resolution or people capabilities as needed.
  • Ongoing reporting and feedback to sponsors to ensure strategic outcomes met.
  • A highly human-centred approach that guarantees a very enjoyable but challenging experience for participants delivering high NPS scores.

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The program has put me into a spin – in a good way! There is so much to understand and play with and there are so many elements that you can apply to your everyday thought processes - challenging assumptions and asking why are a great example. I want to tell everyone about it!

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Design Sprints


Our Design Sprints are highly practical, hands on workshops

that bring new thinking to solving a real business challenge.

Design Sprint


The Design Sprint is a multi day hands-on innovation experience, applying tools of Design Thinking to a real business challenge. Designed to shortcut the usual endless debate cycle and compress months of time into a rapid Sprint, they are used to answer questions relating to:

  • The fundamental viability of new businesses.
  • Developing new features for existing products.
  • Defining marketing strategies.
  • HR teams crafting the employee experience.


The 3-day Sprint aims to generate deep insights that are then turned into highly desirable ideas for the end user. Every Sprint involves:

  • Defining the design challenge.
  • Identifying end users to observe and gain insights from.
  • Exploring the importance of the behaviour of the customer versus the voice of the customer.
  • Each team member completing observations.
  • Storytelling
  • Generating insights
  • Working at least one idea through to prototype.


The 5 Day Sprint is based on Google's Sprint and follows a similar methodology. It aims to have a prototype tested and ready to pilot. In addtion to it's baby brother it involves:

  • Additional work on moving the idea/s closer to implementation by continually testing and learning through multiple experiments.
  • Allowing time between days to improve insights and complete more observations.
  • Extra time for iterations to improve the quality of the output at each Design Thinking phase.

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The Phuel team provided great insights and support in designing and facilitating our interactive Idea Generation workshops, helping the participants to stay on focus and on time to achieve the objectives of the sessions.

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Corporate Strategy Development

Strategy Development


Develop your company strategy with facilitators keeping your executive discussions on track, on scope and aligned to your organisation's ultimate goals.

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Our corporate strategy development facilitation is based on the idea that the answers already exist in the room, they simply need to be drawn out. Our approach is to purposefully guide and tap into that collective wisdom in the room. To do this we provide a structured process that enables teams to explore their current business state, their desired future state, and then close the gap in a methodical and detailed manner. By utilising a range of world-class methodologies we'll magnify your team's ability to define and develop insightful strategy.

Effective strategy development and implementation is further influenced by two core factors:

  1. The quality of human connection and knowing what dials management is trying to move. If the strategy does not resonate with the people charged with actually executing it, its success will be limted. Likewise, if the strategy is not profoundly customer centric it will struggle to gain traction. Our facilitators ensure greater opportuntiy to contribute and so enhanced buy-in and more engaged stakeholders.
  2. Ensuring discussions stay on track and within scope with the companies overarching goals. Employing tools such as Whole Brain Conversations, Appreciative Inquiry and Affinity Mapping we create a focused environment that leverages and enhances your team's capacity for strategic insight.

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Thank you again Phuel. I was absolutely delighted with both the process and the outcome from our executive strategy planning session. You did such a great job with the structure, agenda, keeping us on track, keeping us honest with ourselves and in giving us a delicate nudge when we reached an impasse. We all really enjoyed working with you on this project and we’d love to work with you again at the first opportunity.



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Team Culture, Values & Behaviours


Our Team Culture workshops enable teams at all levels to explore what it takes for them to optimise engagement and performance. Highly tailored workshops exploring team dynamics, effectiveness, engagement, values and new ways of working.

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Team Culture workshops facilitate team collaboration and provide the external impetus often needed to help define and implement positive behavioural shifts in response to the specific needs of the team. Co-designed alongside key team members and facilitated through a process of discovery and strategic thinking, workshops are often used to:

  • Help reflect on and redefine team identity, common purpose, and values.
  • Consider the different strengths within the team, and how to leverage this diversity to maximise team impact.
  • Help consider key challenges and opportunities for the team, and collectively agree tangible future action.
  • Kick-off new behavioural norms which can help to enhance team culture and long term engagement.


Team effectiveness workshops can help improve the impact of both high performing and dysfunctional teams at any level of the organisation, aiming to highlight how the team operates as a collective, and introduce new thinking and approaches to increase cohesion.


Workshops may involve:

  • Defining key team challenges and desired outcomes.
  • Understanding existing team dynamics and their impact.
  • Utilising team assessment tools to gain insight (such as GSI, HBDI team profiles, and Lencioni’s 5 dysfunctions of a team assessment).
  • Exploring the importance of team behaviours on customers and key stakeholders.
  • Focusing on how the team communicates, and practical tools to assist.
  • Generating pathways to navigate within and key collective and individual actions.


Collaborative design workshops are often run to help engage teams to consider their core identity, purpose and values. Whilst such fundamental elements of a thriving organisation can sometimes be developed by a small group of key stakeholders, broader team engagement across the organisation in this process is fundamental to create the belief and buy-in required to create meaningful change. Furthermore, these workshops seek to create active and tangible ownership by individual team members of key behaviours to bring their team story to life.


Workshops may involve:

  • Engaging leadership, marketing and change teams as champions to define the values of the organisation or team.
  • Experiential activities to highlight the importance of thinking big.
  • Insight into what matters most to people.
  • Facilitating out future scenarios and goals.
  • Ideation techniques to ensure a broad range of possibilities are considered.
  • Prioritisation and facilitated decision-making.
  • Communication and engagement techniques toor help individuals bring to life the agreed common focus on a daily basis.


Leadership team workshops often help facilitate consideration of leadership team dynamics, decision making processes and leadership behaviours. Either as part of or specifically distinct from strategic planning workshops, a key focus is to bring the leaders together as a strong, cohesive and impactful team. Workshops may be initiated where new leaders are introduced, new teams are created, or where there is an opportunity to strengthen collaboration and the collective impact of an existing leadership team.


Workshops may involve:

  • Gaining a deep understanding of the strengths and effectiveness of current leadership team behaviours – through insights from observations, engagement surveys and assessment tools (e.g. LSI, HBDI, GSI).
  • New team leader orientation to facilitate out initial impressions and accelerate strengthened team relationships.
  • Facilitation of strategic conversations to define future direction and priorities.
  • Defining and bringing to life core desired leadership team behaviours.
  • Maximising key leadership team sessions and communication protocols.
  • The development of a leadership team playbook and agreed rules of engagement.

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Phuel did an outstanding job with our senior leadership team, working to improve our understanding of how we operate under high pressure and opening our eyes to some new thinking and approaches. The core values work with the leadership team and entire staff was an engaging and valuable process with tangible outcomes and clear direction. Overall the experience with Phuel was extremely good and we believe the outcomes should pay dividends for our business in the future.

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