Nathy Gaffney

Exuberant. Intuitive. Empowering.

I believe I’ve found my ‘happy place’ as a facilitator and coach. I started my working life as an actor and applied my craft across stages and screens all around the world for 20 years. Drama, comedy, cabaret, presenting, corporate entertainment, film, and television. The chain that links it all together though, is an insatiable curiosity about what it is that makes human beings behave the way we do. And how, by adjusting our mindsets and our behaviour, we can profoundly impact the effect we have on others.

So, several years ago I traded in treading the boards, for the boardroom, and haven’t looked back. I’m driven to help people embrace and develop their potential – whether it be in the areas of communication and leadership, or confidence and resilience. I believe we are all ‘instruments of human engagement’ – and I love helping people find their music. The look on people’s faces when it dawns on them that they are capable of so much more than they dared believe – is amazing.

Most recently (2021) I started ‘Suck it & See with Nathy Gaffney’ – the podcast is an opportunity to combine my years of coaching, with comedy and curiosity. With my guests, we offer a light-hearted yet informative take on the many lessons a messy life can dish up.

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We are all ‘instruments of human engagement’.