Like a group of musicians getting together to create music, so too they will create great ideas taliored to your business challenge!

Innovation Jam IDEO - Create Great Ideas For Your Business


Phuel's Innovation Jam is a collaborative and disciplined way for participants to work their way through the 5 steps of Design Thinking.


The Jam Session is a hands on team experience designed to introduce and enable your people to practice essential Design Thinking techniques, mindsets and behaviours. Within a conference or team offsite setting, we draw on elements of the three phases of Design Thinking: Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation. In a highly engaging and competitive session built around a significant challenge for your organisation teams will generate, critique, storyboard and sell their ideas! From process modernisation to re-generating your customer’s experience you will be amazed at the quality of thinking and ideas produced. Key Learnings:

  • Gain a high-level awareness of what Design Thinking is through a shared experience.
  • Practice the tools and techniques of the world’s leading innovators in a competitive and safe environment.
  • Develop a common language and mindset for innovation.
  • Put your customers at the centre.
  • Consider ways to integrate design thinking into your work culture.

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I couldn’t thank you enough for a great workshop at our event. Ratings are in and kudos to you and your team for engagement and creating a lasting impression on such a large group. The event flowed well through the following 2 days and we had the opportunity to leverage a strong platform and message we set through the Phuel activity.