Develop your company strategy with facilitators keeping your executive discussions on track, on scope and aligned to your organisation's ultimate goals.

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Our corporate strategy development facilitation is based on the idea that the answers already exist in the room, they simply need to be drawn out. Our approach is to purposefully guide and tap into that collective wisdom in the room. To do this we provide a structured process that enables teams to explore their current business state, their desired future state, and then close the gap in a methodical and detailed manner. By utilising a range of world-class methodologies we'll magnify your team's ability to define and develop insightful strategy.

Effective strategy development and implementation is further influenced by two core factors:

  1. The quality of human connection and knowing what dials management is trying to move. If the strategy does not resonate with the people charged with actually executing it, its success will be limted. Likewise, if the strategy is not profoundly customer centric it will struggle to gain traction. Our facilitators ensure greater opportuntiy to contribute and so enhanced buy-in and more engaged stakeholders.
  2. Ensuring discussions stay on track and within scope with the companies overarching goals. Employing tools such as Whole Brain Conversations, Appreciative Inquiry and Affinity Mapping we create a focused environment that leverages and enhances your team's capacity for strategic insight.

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Thank you again Phuel. I was absolutely delighted with both the process and the outcome from our executive strategy planning session. You did such a great job with the structure, agenda, keeping us on track, keeping us honest with ourselves and in giving us a delicate nudge when we reached an impasse. We all really enjoyed working with you on this project and we’d love to work with you again at the first opportunity.