Collaborate on a grand scale with numerous groups aligning their goals and resources to collectively make something truly extraordinary.

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Building Communication and Collaboration


When large organisations have multiple departments, teams and agendas it’s difficult to avoid silos and tunnel-vision. Transformation Inc.™ highlights the vital role communication and collaboration has in successfully executing a common vision. A great way to begin or end a conference focused on getting your people on the same page.


A new day is dawning and the construction site is coming to life. The site Manager has been handed new plans and he needs the assistance of builders to bring them to life. Participants will take on the role of sub-contractors on a building site and they will need to work together to complete the task of building the bridge. As builders, complete with hard hats and safety vests, the participants will be given literally thousands of pieces of the raw material they will need to successfully build and complete their task. The challenge will test the teams’ ability to harness the energy, experience and intellect of their people in a race against the clock and ambiguous instructions to get the job done!


  • Execute more efficiently through more clear and frequent communication.
  • Consider the big picture and deploy resources accordingly.
  • Appreciate the need to work collaboratively across functions.
  • See physically the work of your labour.
  • Appreciate the value of people being open to doing things differently and challenging the status quo.

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Transformation Inc.™ is another example of Phuel delivering on my high level of expectation. They understand the brief, they translate it into action and engage the team effectively and with high energy.

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