Introduce your people to essential Design Thinking techniques, mindsets and behaviours in a 90 minute hands-on, mobile enabled experience. Discover how to bring creative habits like deep user empathy, radical collaboration and rapid experimentation to one’s work every day.

EXPERIENCEINNOVATION - AWARE™ | Introduction to Design Thinking

Introduction to Design Thinking


Trying to create a culture of innovation can be a nightmare if people don't get on board. This broad overview of key Design Thinking principles helps everybody swiftly get on the same page with a clear focus and a common language. It's a vital first step in shifting organisations towards embracing Design Thinking as an approach to problem solving. Perfect for a conference or larger team setting with time constraints.


Leveraging gamification and mobile technology, participants advance through the three phases of Design Thinking in 90 minutes by connecting, collecting tools and points and receiving constant feedback. Relevant for groups of up to 500 people, Aware is an immersive experience that will bring energy to the room and conference. Participants experience learning with a tangible take away that can be applied immediately.


  • Understand the foundational principles of Design Thinking.
  • Gain awareness of the tools and techniques of the world’s leading designers.
  • Understand how to place people at the centre of problem solving efforts.
  • Understand how leaders can enhance and model innovative behaviour.
  • Develop an awareness of and support for Design Thinking as an approach to problem solving.

ExperienceInnovation - AWARE is a nominee in the Living, Working & Learning Environments category of the 2018 Edison Awards™. Since 1987, they have recognized and honoured some of the most innovative new products, services and business leaders in the world.

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