Adopt a more entrepreneurial outlook as you balance strategic planning with agility in this fast-paced race. Navigate obstacles and hazards while seeking to optimise success in an ever-changing environment.


Speed. Today, the only speed is faster. If we can’t keep up with the pace of change and match our actions accordingly, we’re on a collision course with failure. We need the skills to quickly formulate appropriate goals, gather and evaluate information, gain team consensus and then act in order to obtain the best results possible – at velocity. Redline Racing™ challenges you to deliver a champion’s performance in an experiential learning environment of real world pressures, checkpoints and stiff competition.


It’s the Redline Racing European Rally and you and your race team are revving to go! But, before you launch into the countryside, you’ll need to determine which route will reward you with the most points – and fewest penalties. There are multiple different roles to take, yet to win you’ll need to coalesce as a focused, agile and motivated team. The majority rules so it’s vital to reach quick consensus and make fast decisions at each stage along the way. So, as well as contending with the pressure, pace and competition, you must influence others to reach a favourable consensus. Redline Racing™ is a high octane, 2-hour super-engaging experience.


  • Having a success mindset: ‘playing to win’ rather than ‘playing not to lose’.
  • Using your powers of influence to win others over to your vision for success.
  • Cross-team collaboration that helps others achieve their goals while enhancing your ability to achieve your own aspirations.
  • Being open to change to drive more productive outcomes.

©Eagle’s Flight™, Creative Training Excellence Inc., used with permission

I was truly impressed with the depth and breadth of experience that Phuel brought. My team provided me with overwhelming praise post Redline Racing. Phuel are incredible crowd pleasers and brought energy and collaborative excitement to my whole team and delivered above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Phuel for a leaders conference and or team building session.

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