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Managing Your Motivation explores how individuals can manage their “emotional state” more effectively and by doing so, have greater control over their behaviour and results. We explore the strategies behind performance improvement, focusing on an individual’s ability to access their ability. The presentation is designed to create impact, and a desire in people to explore what it is they do when they are performing at their best. Key Learnings:

  • To understand what the key attributes are of someone who performs at a consistently high level.
  • To understand how we can control the way we feel by playing the “inner game” rather than allowing external experiences to drive our responses.
  • To understand that no matter how great the plans, the product, the systems and processes, you have to have the will and the want to make it happen.


Many individuals and teams say they take a rational approach to decision making and problem solving and when asked to be more creative or innovative the response is... “I would like to but I’m not the creative type.” This keynote explores the possibilities where the rational and creative in all of us can have a meeting of the minds. We look at an alternative step by step approach to problem solving. We show through stories and proven examples, from the most innovative organisations like IDEO, how to think like a “designer” and by taking a human centred approach, great successes in business can be achieved. Key Learnings:

  • Understand the difference between creativity and innovation.
  • Explore a designer’s approach to complex problem solving.
  • Introduce techniques to factor empathy into your approach and examples where this has been and continues to be successful.
  • How a rational thinking approach can tap into anyone’s creative mindset.


Rent or Own explores the mindset and behaviours required to generate radical accountability. We all say we care. Yet we know that there are times when we will cut corners, take the easy option, walk past or turn a blind eye to things we shouldn’t and therefore unwittingly create a statement about what we will accept, what becomes the cultural norm. This provocative, workshop style keynote prompts individuals to reconsider the question of taking personal responsibility for their role and the associated relationships, interactions and outcomes that generates. Key Learnings:

  • Create impact, understanding and a desire in people to truly own their job or career.
  • Understand the key attributes of someone who rents versus someone who owns.
  • Explore how neither title or tenure are indicators of success.
  • Understand the different levels of personal accountability.
  • Understand that no matter what your role in the organisation you have a critical part to play in both personal and organisational outcomes.

HBDI™ Express

Improve self-awareness and communication skills by understanding individual's thinking preferences. Reduce interpersonal conflict by being able to appreciate team member differences. An interactive group session based on the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)™, the world’s leading profiling diagnostic tool assessing an individual’s thinking preferences. It describes the degree of preference individuals have for the four possible thinking preferences or styles and teaches individuals how to communicate with those who think the same as they do and those who think differently than them. Once an individual understands his or her thinking style preferences, the door is open to improved communication, teamwork, leadership, customer relationships and other aspects of personal and interpersonal development. Key Learnings:

  • Understand each individual’s thinking styles using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI).
  • Reduce the possibility of interpersonal conflict by being able to appreciate the differences of other team members.
  • Learn strategies to flex to team and customer’s style.
  • Allow the team to connect and build rapport in a fun way.


Curiosity draws our attention to the things in life that interest us. And while this seems like a simple enough premise, research now shows that curiosity is a deeper, more complex phenomenon that plays a critical role in the pursuit of a meaningful (and healthy) life.We all started out with curiosity – that’s how we learned to walk and talk, it’s how we discovered that ice-cream is delicious, and dirt – not so delicious. But somewhere along the way, our naturally curious natures became tamed, daily routine rendered things mundane, tedious, and our curiosity about what ‘might be’ became ‘resistance to change’.In this dynamic and interactive workshop style keynote you’ll explore the nature (and science) of curiosity, and discover how by becoming ‘consciously curious’ through tried and proven strategies can help alleviate worry and anxiety, allow you to find pleasure in the mundane and become a more agile thinker and effective problem solver. Key Learnings:

  • Change forces a response – Curiosity is about being on the front foot
  • How to cultivate curiosity in yourself and your teams
  • Tangible tools to build your ‘conscious curiosity’
  • How Curiosity connects to Emotional Agility - a World Economic Forum key leadership skill for 2021

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You absolutely delivered above our expectations and kept the Partners engaged, energised and in the room! We could not have delivered the experience without you. Watching the Partners all practising the board-breaking exercise at the end was just the best!