Connect your team so talents are leveraged, resources maximised, and results are magnified. Promises, Promises!™ showcases the power of collaboration to build a common vision and deliver a competitive advantage.

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Building a Team of Teams


No one is an island within any organisation - we’re all customers and suppliers of each other. People often struggle to see past their own “job” and immediate needs to their vital role within a greater whole. When this attitude spreads, the symptoms are obvious: distrust, self-serving behaviour and broken commitments. The results of that kind of environment are worse: compromised quality, minimal productivity and poor customer service. Promises, Promises!™ delivers a perception-shattering experience that creates vision for a truly borderless organisation.


As newly elected politicians representing one of 10 countries, participants in Promises, Promises!™ have just 3 hours to fulfil their campaign commitments. Trading and building alliances with different countries, participants realise the huge benefits that interdepartmental trust, a common vision and communication can bring to a team of teams. Whilst prioritising their own needs, participants also need to actively develop a League of Nations. This requires a vision and a commitment to breaking down silos and generating mutually beneficial partnerships. But if this warned, a scandal campaign could ensue!


  • Minimise the influence of silos as you build a team of teams.
  • Recognise interdependencies and seek out new opportunities for synergy.
  • Engage in timely, accurate and frequent high-quality communication.
  • Identify the soft resources that impede the movement of hard resources.

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Promises, Promises!™ was tailored and designed around the outcomes desired from the team. The whole team had an AWESOME afternoon.

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