Challenge your business’s status quo by asking "What's Possible?".In Gold of the Desert Kings™ teams rush to compete against each other and battle the elements in a race across the desert. In a pressurised environment, teams make constant decisions about their tactics, strategy, resource deployment and the roles they adopt.

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Optimising Productivity


We often confuse activity with productivity. If we’re busy, we must be making headway, right? Not always. A lot of ineffective busyness can go undetected until the results come in…and then it’s too late. Gold of the Desert Kings™ is a metaphor for the volatile and uncertain world we face at work every day - a world where planning, gathering resources and goal-directed action, executed within a changing environment, are the keys to maximising results.


In this fast and furious 4-hour challenge, the goal is to get to the mountains, mine as much gold as possible and return home safely to home base! Over 25 three minute days teams will make (to varying degrees of success) constant decisions about priorities, goals, routes and where to spend valuable resources. Participants test their strategic thinking and agile responses against the danger of sandstorms, vultures and camel rides in the sweltering sun.


  • Exercise an abundance mindset by replacing asking “What’s Required?" with “What’s Possible?”.
  • Attain all that’s possible through strategic planning, wise preparation, and purposeful execution.
  • Permanently adopt a strategic mindset for any challenge.
  • Manage time and resource pressure by not allowing the environment to control you.
  • Be more considered and intentional in time allocation.

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Gold of the Desert Kings

Gold of the Desert Kingswas such a great success and you brought incredible energy to the session which kept everyone engaged all the way to the end. The debrief was very powerful and brought together all the key concepts we wanted our leaders to walk away with. As always, it was such a pleasure to work with the Phuel team.