Our Design Sprints are highly practical, hands on workshopsthat bring new thinking to solving a real business challenge.

Design Sprint


The Design Sprint is a multi day hands-on innovation experience, applying tools of Design Thinking to a real business challenge. Designed to shortcut the usual endless debate cycle and compress months of time into a rapid Sprint, they are used to answer questions relating to:

  • The fundamental viability of new businesses.
  • Developing new features for existing products.
  • Defining marketing strategies.
  • HR teams crafting the employee experience.


The 3-day Sprint aims to generate deep insights that are then turned into highly desirable ideas for the end user. Every Sprint involves:

  • Defining the design challenge.
  • Identifying end users to observe and gain insights from.
  • Exploring the importance of the behaviour of the customer versus the voice of the customer.
  • Each team member completing observations.
  • Storytelling
  • Generating insights
  • Working at least one idea through to prototype.


The 5 Day Sprint is based on Google's Sprint and follows a similar methodology. It aims to have a prototype tested and ready to pilot. In addtion to it's baby brother it involves:

  • Additional work on moving the idea/s closer to implementation by continually testing and learning through multiple experiments.
  • Allowing time between days to improve insights and complete more observations.
  • Extra time for iterations to improve the quality of the output at each Design Thinking phase.

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The Phuel team provided great insights and support in designing and facilitating our interactive Idea Generation workshops, helping the participants to stay on focus and on time to achieve the objectives of the sessions.

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