Learn how using your team effectively and operating with a practical yet flexible plan will increase both profit and efficiency, no matter which way the wind is blowing.


Maximising Market Opportunities


Every business contends with shifting market conditions, resource management challenges and identifying the highest payoff activities, but they each have such varied levels of impact. What makes the difference? The answer lies in the ability to strategically capitalise on and profit from all opportunities, not just those that are readily accessible – this is what truly sets world-class companies apart.


Enter the competitive world of Windjammer™ where you and your fellow purveyors of high-end sailing products vie for an edge in an exceedingly active marketplace. The demand for your products is high, but market conditions can be stormy and might just take the wind out of your sales. In this 2 hour highly animated learning experience you must acquire raw materials from other competing teams, manufacture your specialised products and sell them when the market demand is highest. In order to capitalise upon every opportunity, your negotiation, relationship and team-building skills will be tested and honed. Can you prosper and keep the wind at your back?


  • Expand your profit focus throughout the stages of planning, goal setting, team building and execution.
  • Adjust team tactics and resources to adapt, optimising productive action and capitalising on all new opportunities.
  • Prioritise objectives and forge relationships to take advantage of profit peaks.
  • Take radical accountability for delivering on every growth opportunity.

©Eagle’s Flight™, Creative Training Excellence Inc., used with permission


Thank you again for your awesome facilitation of Windjammer™ I think everyone got something out of it and it now stands as a platform by which we can move forward as a team. Great stuff!! Even some of the hostages grumbled their way to acknowledgement – tough crowd!!Look forward to working with the Phuel team in future…

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