With our partner Infosys Consulting, we work collaboratively to bring the principles of Design Thinking and Agile together to take you from inspiration to implementation.

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Phuelling Innovation is a multi-modal approach to building innovation and Design Thinking capabilities in an organisation’s people. Structured to solve problems deemed ‘unsolvable’, we facilitate, coach and work with cohorts over 6-12 weeks to arrive at investable design prototypes created by the participants.

With Infosys Consulting's world-renowned reputation for Design Thinking and Phuel's deep facilitation expertise we have created a potent combination that enables culture change and gets things done!  Program highlights include:

  • Minimum of six face-to-face workshops with ongoing coaching, fieldwork and additional consulting as required.
  • Program does not exist in isolation from company, with an appointed sponsor lead, engaged stakeholder and key problems used as basis of program.
  • Modular, tested, and customisable to focus on personal development, problem resolution or people capabilities as needed.
  • Ongoing reporting and feedback to sponsors to ensure strategic outcomes met.
  • A highly human-centred approach that guarantees a very enjoyable but challenging experience for participants delivering high NPS scores.

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The program has put me into a spin – in a good way! There is so much to understand and play with and there are so many elements that you can apply to your everyday thought processes - challenging assumptions and asking why are a great example. I want to tell everyone about it!

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