Alex Blackbourne


Starting out, I picked my future career: Fashion. Managing young, creative sales teams for fashion labels was interesting. But it paid peanuts. My main joy came from helping my staff develop and soar. So, I decided to transfer my strengths to a different and complex world of financial services in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, successfully selling managed funds. Building my credentials, real-world experience and curiosity, my spare time was spent researching how people think, act, and thrive. After eight years in the USA, I returned to Australia and transitioned to work as a trusted coach and facilitator, helping senior executives boost their mindsets, strengths, and results. There’s nothing like it- engaging with people from diverse roles, organisations, and industries every day in a real, meaningful way. It’s challenging, demanding, and fulfilling work… with lots of laughs on the way!

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"The beginning is always today." - Mary Shelley