David Verdugo


My love for facilitation started in London in 2012, when I was asked to deliver a workshop to 20 Fitness professionals. Safe to say I was hooked after that! I love being in a room creating powerful learning spaces that allow people to learn even the smallest things to impact their lives.

I then stepped into tertiary education where I learnt that most of the challenges learners faced had a very strong human component. So, I spent the next 10 years learning, educating, and training individuals and educational institutions on how to get the best out of themselves and their people with a particular focus on Mental health, group culture and high performance.

Outside of this I’m a Father to a little boy, Husband to my soulmate and an Adventurer with an ever-present itch to climb mountains, run marathons, attend 10-day silent meditation retreats, support Arsenal at unreasonable hour of the morning and play local football with my friends.

Phuel quote black

“Those who were seen dancing were called crazy by those who couldn’t hear the music.”