Rob Rossano

Passionate. Engaging. Encouraging.

My background in Leadership and L&D has provided me with a set of skills that enables me to connect and positively challenge a diverse range of people at all levels within an organization. I’m driven by helping people to be their best, enabling peak performance. From early in my career I learnt that leadership is a choice and I thrive to assist others to understand this and achieve greatness. My thirst for knowledge means I believe there is always a better way and strive to find and apply this in every aspect of my life.

I’m fascinated by how individuals and organisations operate and continue to learn and explore what makes people tick. I have an ability to connect with people and create an environment conducive to heightened engagement, collaboration and results. Phuel enables me to work with varied industries and many leading brands to do exactly this, making a positive difference.

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Do more, be better, make a difference!