OCTOBER 15, 2017

Creative thinking is more than a skill; it is a habit. Those who think creatively have developed certain reflexes that guide both their exploration of challenges and potential solutions.

Private and public sector organisations all seem to be pushing the innovation agenda. Yet when you start lifting the covers, they’re mostly still running to the same old drum beat. To stay competitive, relevant and genuinely innovative, organisations must find and flex their creativity.

Creativity is a powerful and underutilised force in business: It helps organisations differentiate their products and services in crowded markets. Creative work is motivating and builds employee commitment and engagement. Most importantly, creativity enables organisations to stay competitively fit in a world of rapidly evolving customer needs and expectations.

This was our first Phuel U event in Brisbane, the Australian launch of an exciting new creativity and innovation experience and the third of our Phuel U events, took place earlier this month. It was another great success for Phuel U with over 40 attendees from 20 different organisations. We interacted with a great cross-section of the Brisbane business community – from directors of business units to learning and development professionals, change managers and HR directors to innovation experts.

The event enabled people to experience and play with human centered design so innovation could come to life. It was brilliant to see people embracing the language and questioning techniques that enable creativity and innovation so readily!
The event was so much fun with an incredibly high level of energy from all participants. As we have seen with our other events, people really enjoy meeting professionals from different organisations and industries. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

So make sure you keep an eye out for our next event as places get snapped up fast. We look forward to seeing you there!

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