Jo Pollard

Energetic. Engaged. Interested.

I love what I do, I love the business I work in, I love the clients we work with. In this role it is possible to see the incredible and positive impact that we have on the people and teams we work with every day – creating an environment in which they are challenged and supported to learn, develop, and grow – sometimes in small ways and other times in astonishing ways. The variety of the work also keeps me going – I could be flying overseas to lead a long term innovation program one day, then walking 5 minutes through the CBD to facilitate a strategy session with an executive team the next.

I work with the absolute best people in the industry – always pushing me to be better and helping our clients achieve more than they imagined possible. Everything we do is driven by a deeply genuine desire to deliver the best possible outcomes from every single interaction we have – both with the people in our team and with our clients. We give ourselves permission to challenge thinking, facilitate meaningful conversations and have fun! It’s exhausting and energising and incredibly satisfying.

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Trying to resist change is like trying to hold your breath. If you're successful, it won't end well.